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Waiting (A Haiku)

What is waiting if
It’s not the passing of time
Yet time waits for none

Time Travel


Hello To A New Week

Hello to a new week
What do you have in store?
What fun and games are up your sleeve?
What tricks perhaps and more?

For let’s hope that you’ll bring happiness
Let’s hope that you’ll bring grace
But most of all let’s hope you’ll bring
Friday at a quick pace!

Fdny calendar

Fdny calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Waiting Game

Life is a waiting game
That waits for time to pass
For years to roll on; weeks to go
Days to fall through hour glass

For seed to turn to flower
For this to become that
For miracles to take their time
To come out of the hat

Where waiting is worthwhile
Where time allows the space
For hope and faith and patience to
Be born; to grow with grace

But in this instant world
Or quickness and great speed
The gift of time is lost as we
Think “now” is what we need

The fast replacing slow
The week done in a day
Where seconds have a price tag
And time cannot delay

Yet still each life must stand in line
For each to realise
That somethings come to those who wait
For then they get the prize

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)



Past shenanigan’s tomfoolery
On first official day
What lies beneath the name that gives
April its swing and sway

Perhaps a link to Spring and such
As blossom opens up
The time when all wake up to drink
From aperio cup

Or maybe April links to more
Celestial godly ways
Aphrilis from Aphrodite
To pave more loving days

Yet furthermore from Saxon times
The Oster month could be
A time to feast and celebrate
New life; fertility

But lest the roots of April’s name
This month will hail in May
A month where season lifts her head
With summer on display

Spring Lamb, Storeton, Wirral.

Spring Lamb, Storeton, Wirral. (Photo credit: menu4340)

Tick Tock Greenwich O’Clock

I took a stroll in Greenwich Park
With tree lined avenues
Towards the Prime Meridian
Ahead such stunning views

Behind beyond the old iron gates
Blackheath spread far away
With ancient church sat on the green
Wild flowers in verge display

And in old Greenwich’s village clutch
The Cutty Sark at rest
Where spirits danced from men who once
Sung shanties in her nest

Ahead the Royal Observatory
Home to Greenwich mean time
Where from her beat the world has set
Her rhythm and her rhyme

English: Photo of Meridian at Greenwich. By in...

English: Photo of Meridian at Greenwich. By international convention, the modern Prime Meridian passes through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich , in southeast London, United Kingdom, is known as the International Meridian or Greenwich Meridian. Category:Royal Observatory, Greenwich Category:GMTCategory:Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Eleventh Hour

There’s something so terribly appealing
About the eleventh hour back in the day
When deadline’s seem oodles of time off
And procrastination appears to delay
The inevitable – the getting it done bit
The slog that always occurs
When the time limit gets closer and closer
And the pressure starts getting absurd!

When the stress of the “oh my will I make it”
Starts to raise the heart beat with a jolt
And the hands get all clammy and sweaty
Knowing there’s really no time now to bolt!
And then I believe it seems onerous
That eleventh hour that in brightness of day
Said “I’m miles off – take your time and don’t panic
I’m the eleventh hour and light years away!”

Eleventh Hour

The Diary

I sit around in great bombast
So regally austere
In black bound garment, regimes rife
All pinned precise just there

My mission if you dare accept
To organise your day
To keep you on your toes with glee
To dot, to cross, to stay

Your life I’ll just get sorted out
To have you be on time
To know just where you should be when
To schedule so sublime

To some I’ll be your best best friend
To others irritate
But always I will try to stop
You ever being late

And by some memorandum I’ll
Act often as your aid
To prompt to focus and to plan
Lest dare you get delayed

But if you cram or overfill
Your peril I’ll highlight
Lest should you double book – oh boy
I’ll kick up such a fight

For capably I’ll navigate
Your life and enquiry
For with the means to chronicle
I am your own diary


Time Flies!

What happened to this morning?
Where did it disappear?
Before you know the day will go?
And then the month – the year!
And after that the decade
As seasons drift on by
So watch out for the clock has wings
As time can really fly

Time Travel