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Back To School Traffic

Queues, cones and chaos
The three ‘c’s’ of traffic jams
Holding up a journey
As roads are over crammed

Halting all the vehicles
In automated blocks
With tempers flaying frustrated
Losing minutes off the clock

But that’s the way it falters
In rush hours general rule
As infrastructure battles when
The kids go back to school


Compulsory Purchase

She weaves over the countryside
Devouring in her path
The memories of days gone by
Consuming home and hearth
All in the name of progress
Yet others might dispute
That her way forward warrants them
Being given such a boot
Out of the bases where they’ve lived
For year on after year
As road comes carving through they yard
And kicks them out in fear
Of state compulsory purchase
And autocratic will
So spare a thought for those that have
To swallow such a pill
Of bitterness and relocate
So that in light of day
The rest of us can hasten on
In a more speedy way!