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Let Sun Rise In The Morn

Satan’s mistress has come calling
In robes of dingy white
With tiara on her head of gold
And thorns that exude spite

Beelzebub has met his new bride
The wench he wed mid year
Wreaking havoc; bringing hell on earth
With threats that instil fear

Yet though this prince of darkness
Has married devils spawn
Let light shine through; bring peace and hope
Let sun rise in the morn

A reflection on all the fighting that’s gong on in the world at the moment and a prayer for peace:

The Devastating Cost Of War

I sit in the garden
The sound of dogs barking and children playing
Penetrating the calm and stillness
In my otherwise tranquil world

The far off sound of a Combine
Harvesting the fields
The odd roar of a motor bike
Through Blake’s ‘green and pleasant’ land

The occasional siren from a police car
Ambulance – seldom a fire engine
But mostly peace and harmony
Rural bliss on a sunny afternoon

Yet through this serenity in the distance
The sounds of gunfire break through
The explosion of ammunition
The shouts, the cries, the wails

The suffering; the anguish; the hurt; the cost
Relayed over a TV screen
On the radio; in the papers
So far away and yet so close for too many

The young; infants; babies; so little; so guiltless
Small children cowering away in shelters to grip onto life
With clouds overhead bearing down on them
Weighing in against their prayers for refuge

But where are their chariots of fire?
Dowsed by the innocent’s blood
Lost in the ashes of the dark burning mills
Where the phoenix is tethered unable to take flight

And their tears spill into rivers of blood
Draining into the oceans of the world
Such loss; such fear piercing their hearts
Such heinous atrocities against another

And I sit in the garden
But there can be no peace; no stillness
While lives and hearts are set asunder
By the devastating cost of war


What fog hangs over planet Earth?
What mist veils beauty’s face?
What ether lurks with ill intent?
What gangs men race ‘gainst race?
What ill begets such heavy scorn?
What hurts grip each so much?
What lies, what torment, and what pain?
What power craves into touch?
What might then kills the innocent?
What maims to win a score?
What loathing for another one?
What hate sets men at war?