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The Snow Bride


Spring Bride

Cherry blossom heralding
Spring is on her way
With garlands of flowers decking the boughs
In Nature’s own display
With such delicate petals
Amassing a splendid sight
The bride to summer’s beckoning
In gown of pink and white


The Tailor’s Cat

I’ve heard it mentioned long ago
That once there was a cat
Who left for London, boots in tow
And flippy floppy hat
But on his journey south he stopped
In Cambridge by the Cam
And dosed off in the mid-day sun
On punt after a dram
Of whiskey in the afternoon
To dream under a spell
Of princesses and royalty
As well as wedding bells

He dreamt he was the master of
All glistening ceremonies
With folk from far and wide coming
To bow down on their knees
In adoration of the clothes
He sewed; the robes he spun
The glorious dresses he had made
For hearts and love in one
The swathes of cloth luxurious
The silk so fine and fair
For maidens on their wedding days
With radiance in the air

He dreamt of smiles and happy times
Of beauty so serene
Of wonder, charm, perfection in
The dresses that were seen
And when he woke he tallied out
To streets in Cambridge town
Where there he set a boutique up
To sew fabulous gowns
And from the day he’s dressed all those
Who’ve crossed his threshold mat
With grace and style and elegance
He is the Tailor’s Cat

Wedding Dress










NB:  This poem is not sponsored or endorsed by The Tailor’s Cat boutique in Cambridge which supplies beautiful wedding dresses.  The dress in the picture does not come from The Tailor’s Cat but is for illustration purposes only. 🙂