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Word Play

Metaphor and simile
Personifying poetry
To make it all more clear

Imagery, hyperbole
Meant figuratively
Brings words to life and makes more sense
For him and her and me

With syntax and a tonic
Alliterations aid
Not forgetting feet and meters
Now poems can be made!

What’s Happened To The Letter

What’s happened to the letter
The one we write to say
A thank you for a-visiting
Or dropping in today
Or passing on acknowledgement
And gratitude as well
Or very simple pleasantries
And wishes to excel

What’s happened to that written form
We used to pen by hand
On special writing paper with
A watermark to brand
And stamp of Queen and country
Sent off to those so dear
What’s happened to the written note?
Where did it disappear?

And what about those instruments
Those quills or fountain pen
The ink from bottled reservoir
Where did that go again
And not forgetting blotting pads
Creating works of art
Compiled in note or letter that
Was sent out from the heart

Image of a modern fountain pen writing in curs...

Image of a modern fountain pen  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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