Life is good! Life is inspirational!


A little bit of sun can really lift the spirits. And to celebrate her appearance today, here’s a Spring tanka. Tanka is a style of poetry similar to Haiku but based over 5 lines with syllable counts of 5,7,5,7,7. Why not have a go at writing one and share it with me.

Spring Tanka

Daymer Dreams

We may be missing so many different things at the moment but in our mind’s eye we can go wherever we please through the portal of imaginings and be at one with those places closest to our hearts ♥️

Daymer Dreams




Exploring Love through the words of Shakespeare and the Bible. Love is life’s elixir – an energy that transcends space and time emanating from within.


Break in the Clouds

We had a glorious day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and such a welcome break to this long cold winter


Writers Block

A limerick which amused me at least!

There once was a lass who could write
Limericks into the night
But she got writers block
Her mind seemed to lock
And ….. 😂

Memo from Santa

The Cat in the Attic

There’s a cat in the attic
She refuses to budge
She’s been there for months
And cannot be nudged
And I’ve offered her comfort
In the rest of the house
But the cat in the attic
Prefers to hunt out the mouse
That also resides there
For before now he’d squeak
Though there’s been silence on that front
Now for over a week!

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there for years
I’ve begged her to come down
Have even resorted to tears
With treats to entice her
To come and play down the stairs
Though she doesn’t oblige and has
Seemingly no cares
But she seems pretty happy
To stay put in the roof
With her meals sent up daily
She remains quite aloof

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there decades
Never ventured much further
Or gone on escapades
She’s lived her whole life
In rafters up high
Occasionally peaking
At the stars in the sky
But the cat in the attic
Simply will not come down
Lost in lands of imaginings
Where she’s the cat about town

Do you ever wonder why, in a world that offers so many opportunities to understand from all the sources of information available, that the will to tolerate and understand seem to be at an all time low?

Where are our listening hearts?

Have you ever wondered what happens to spiders
In the winter when the weather bites cold
Where do they go to? What do they then do?
To stop themselves dying – more so grow old
Do they look for a warm pad with heating
In a barn or a convenient shed
Or do they creep in the house to adjourn
From the frost and curl up in your bed?
But no! Spiders it seems are quite crafty
And manufacture their own antifreeze
That stops ice building up in their insides
To keep their blood flowing with ease!
And their babies – now this is the cute bit!
If they hatch on the coldest of days
Stay huddled together in the egg sac
Until a time when there are warmer rays
Then they chomp through the outer protection
With their fangs as a means to run free
To escape and get on with their own lives
Spin webs – have their own family
But moreover if you see a spider in your house
Know it hasn’t come in from the cold
But most likely has lived his whole life there
In the cracks, out of sight so I’m told!
And thus in the midst of a winter
Know your spider has his own box of tricks
And is probably sat nearby observing
You watching a film on Netflix!