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The Test!

“Yes, I think the answer is a test
To see what you can do”
The teacher said as he arrived
The class now feeling blue
“Let’s test you to assess how you’ll
Do when we test again
To test the test that will test you
To test what’s in your brain”

“Yes an exam, mid-term review
Assessment, mock or test
Just call it what you want to say
A trial.  Now don’t get stressed!
And then we’ll do it all again
Exams now tit for tat”
The teacher said as he arrived
No surprise he was called “Pratt”

“But Mr Pratt” the class implored
What is the point you make
To test the test that you will test
The test we might retake!
What is the reason for these tests
That happen every day!
Oh, Mr Pratt – when will we learn?
It’s not the only way?”

With every best wish to all those taking mocks in the next few weeks 🙂

Students taking a test at the University of Vi...

Students taking a test at the University of Vienna at the end of the summer term 2005 (Saturday, June 25, 2005). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Results Day

With pensive breath
With perspiring brow
With quivering hands
The time is now
To reveal results
To realise the grade
To reach out; retrieve
The final score played

The walk up to school
The longest one yet
The mood is quite tense
No time now to bet
On the level achieved
On the score handed out
With hope still in the offing
Bar a tinge of self doubt

To fetch out the envelope
To rip open and see
To desire that the outcome
Is the best it can be,
And with one final deep gasp
With one brave hearted smile
With conviction, resolve
A prayer that it’s all been worthwhile

Wishing all GCSE pupils receiving results this morning, every best wish in the world