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Addictive Trade Off

Dopamine triggers
Pulling you in
With addictive endeavour
To achieve and then win
An opioid hit
When you’re lured and enticed
By drugs, sex and booze
Or the roll of a dice

Though why you react
Cave in and enrol
To hedonic pleasure
When that isn’t the goal
To be ensnared by a craving
Means the system seems stuffed
Hell bent on a path
That will destruct soon enough

Yet maybe in time
We’ll look back; understand
If this trade with addiction
Is all out of hand
Or see through the gamble
To then comprehend
If there’s a reason at all
To this self-serving end


Adrenaline Junkie

Adrenaline junkie
Always on the go
Addicted to the rush
Of never saying no
Extending the risk
Pushing further and more
Shooting up on adrenaline
Exhilaration galore
For fear that some downtime
Will limit the stress
Where in essence the fact is
That more should be less!

‘Like’ Button Junkie

There’s a new addiction on the streets
One that’s coming of age
A sum that’s comes statistically
From ‘likes’ upon a page
Equating clicks that then affirm
Mass popularity
Reward that means acceptance with
Approval desperately
Addiction to the ‘like’ button
The times that it is hit
To rate, to mark, to thus affirm
That so and so is fit
Or oh so very pretty; slim
Or dressed so very nice
The ‘like’ button that lures you in
Addiction’s newest vice

facebook like button

facebook like button (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Addictive Love

He’d lost himself in her
Her, his daily fix
His love, his confidant, his all

Self had passed him by
Devaluing him
Idealizing her

Worried that she’d leave
Dependent; infatuated

Control forever lost
Tolerating everything, anything
Just to connect

That connection alone
Family pushed out
Friends jeopardized

His preoccupied obsession
Rampant and unchecked
Fettered but still needing to go on

       and on

                  and on …….