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Weeds can be rather pretty but
To gardeners they’re the pits
Depending on position and
If in their garden sits

For to see them in a meadow
Can be a glorious sight
But put them in your flower beds and
The picture’s not so bright

And so these weeds are rendered
Dichotomous at best
In nature, pretty native flowers
Yet in gardens, nature’s pest!

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbeka...

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbekanntes Unkraut in meinem Rasen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



And the trees bow gracefully to autumn’s glory
Robed in vibrant oranges, reds and russets
Laden with bountiful fruits congregating in hedgerows;
Rosehips, elderflower and blackberry
Amongst the teasel and horse chestnut

And in the distance the whistle of winter encroaching
Nipping at the heels of the crisp morning air
Washing away the sultry days of summer with pearlescent dew
Clinging to the abandoned heads of corn
Languishing away from the combines grasp;

And beneath feet, the crunch of fallen autumn leaves
Above the gaggle of migrating geese
Upon the autumn breeze in a trajectory of echeloned formation
Skeins set against the watery sunset
Bidding a fond farewell in summer’s last lament