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Intolerant Society

Intolerant society
That always fails to see
The other side of the coin
That’s focussed on the “me”
That can’t perceive another’s thoughts
Or think another way
That has a mind-set that is fixed
That can’t see light of day

Intolerant society
Where is altitude view?
Blinded to perceptual vision
Failing to see the “you”
Where anything that’s different
Just simply can’t be right
Regarded so suspiciously
And laced in fearful sight

Intolerant society
A shameful place to be
A place that stands injustice;
Shunning diversity
A place where there will not be peace
Until the question’s asked
“How might that be, if in their shoes?”
Are you up to that task?





The age of pure enlightenment
They tell us is now here
“Oh Really?” I do thus reply
“You mean all things are clear?”
For to the casual onlooker
You wonder what they mean
Enlightenment – are they quite sure?
Insights that can be seen?
“Oh get away” I cry out loud
“For all we’ll ever see
Is what we chose to thus observe
Personal acuity”

For call it what you really will
Enlightenment – insight
Or informed education more
Some things are masked from sight
Without a view from way up high
Let’s say – al-ti-tude view
For that’s about perspectives and
The me accepting you
And can be quite a complex thing
For us to honour still
For subjectively can mask
Our pure objective will!

So in this age of insights bright
Enlightenment and more
Let us consider that we must
Light candles on the shore
So that the tide of empathy
Will lap and comprehend
That blame and judgement rarely are
Considered as a friend
And make a wish on next New Year
To climb so very high
Enlighten what this really means
As watchmen in the sky