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Dark Moods (Part III) – Anger (Haiku)

Anger scorching peace
Burning with intense fury
Convulsing with rage


What cloak will you encapsulate?
What feeling, be your guise?
Will it be one of fear or sadness,
Anger, joy or pure surprise?

Will anticipation be your mantle
Or perhaps disdain, disgust?
Or will your emotive boat sail
On the open seas of trust?

For emotions are the driving force
Behind experiences each day
Insurgents that control our hearts
Our heads and minds and way




It’s time to quell your anger and
To quench your violent rage
To calm right down and chill a bit
Take fury off the page
For those who get so ratty might
Risk stroke and heart attack
So breathe in deep, relax, compose
Save moods that are so black
And please stop those angry outbursts
Reduce your stress at ease
To help your heart stay healthier
Reducing heart disease

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