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The School Bully

The bitchin’ and the backstabbing
The threats that they all said
The taunting and the petty jibes
Filled up her pretty head

The cracks of “we don’t talk to her”
“Send her to Coventry”
The ostracism and the pain
Complete despondency

The lack of appreciation
The shouting out of names
The hostility and hatred
The slur and playing games

The sadness so overwhelming
The devastating strife
The ongoing persecution
Left her to take her life

The life that had been so precious
Now gone prematurely
By administrating malice
The unchecked school bully

Next week is anti-bullying week aiming to call on all children and young people to create a bully-free future.  To find out more click here or visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance Facebook page.  Whatever age you are though bullying is unacceptable – it is sadly not confined to childhood but can crop up anywhere at anytime but there is help and support out there.  If you are/have been affected by this please talk to someone about it.  More support is also available here as well