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It’s really very easy
If you slip up have the grace
To say you’re really sorry
And say it to the face
Of the person you have upset
For the problems you have made
Without hiding behind a veil
Or building barricades

For no-one’s really perfect
Few have gone through life without
Causing distress by their mishaps
Or raising voice to shout
But though it may seem hardest
Just bite the bullet quick
And make amends; do the right thing
Stop getting on their wick!



Sincere apologies received
With no real true resolve
To make amend, to heal the hurt
Might just as well dissolve
For lies that sit in tangent to
Those words without good deeds
Will mean no more than those not said
And only sow a seed
Of further discontent and hate
Of upset that goes on
So make your sorries mean something
Lest dare they make more wrong!