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Lincolnshire’s Kitchen

In honour of Lincolnshire Day (1 October 2017)

Haslet, sausage, gingerbread
Poacher cheese and more
Plum bread, stuffed chine, all washed down with
Pints of Bateman’s beer for sure

Lincoln red beef, Lincoln blue
Not forgetting Cote Hill cheese
With samphire grown out near the Wash
Down from Grimsby fish smokeries

Pipers crisps, Dennett’s ice cream
Asparagus in fields
With tates and Lincolshire carrot pud
So much this county yields

Less not forget the humble fruit
That fell from apple tree
Prompting Newton to thus define
The force of gravity




Temptation is addictive
Draws you in enticingly
The carrot less the stick at play
Where will might fail to be

Resolving to be better
To not succumb; be strong
Less the allure; the gathering
The coax but things go wrong

And then it comes a-hankering
Appeal; forbidden bait
Temptation; irresistible
You can’t!  You just can’t wait!

William Blake: The Temptation and Fall of Eve - illustration to Milton's 'Paradise Lost' (1808, pen and watercolour on paper)Category:William Blake

William Blake: The Temptation and Fall of Eve – illustration to Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ (1808, pen and watercolour on paper)Category:William Blake

You Are What You Eat

If we are what we eat
Then I’d like to be
Fresh strawberries and cream
And a cup of Chai tea

And you, well I’m guessing,
A toad in the hole
With hot sausages
Hid in batter – so droll!

And Great Auntie Susie
I’m sure you’ll concur;
Something quite spicy
Yes, that would be her

Less old Mrs Smith would
Like apples so green
No joke! Granny Smith
Crisp with a sweetness unseen

And that leaves dear Toby
The last of the brood
Who cares not a jot
Just as long as it’s food!

You are what you eat

πr2 (Pie Are Squared)

They say that πr2
But everybody knows
That pie is round and full of stuff
That really only goes
Right in your mouth
With yumminess
Be fruit or savoury
And usually has no corners
Nor squares for πrt!

Apologies for the flagrant bad grammar to make, what hopefully comes over as a humorous, point!  

073/365 - Pi Day Pies, 2012

073/365 – Pi Day Pies, 2012 (Photo credit: djwtwo)

5 A Day

I really can’t help thinking
Our obsession all the way
With blackberry and apple gadgets
Tots up our five a day

For in our drive to stay so healthy
We are told we must consume
At least five lots of fruit and veg
For well being then to bloom

But of course we’re also told
What consumers we’ve become
So let’s shout it out for 5 a-day
And electronic fruit – yum! yum!

5 A Day