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Are we grateful for what we’ve been given right now
For the excellence that lies all about
Are we focussed on good and not upon bad
Are we willing to sing and to shout
About even the tiniest littlest thing
That brings fortune and favour our way
Be it the sun in the sky or the birds on the wing
Or the wonder that’s filling today

Be it a stranger’s kind word or a hug from a friend
A meal on the table at night
A song or a dance, a smile or a glance
Whatever brings in joy and delight
Be it a nudge in our thoughts that brings in relief
For even a second or less
To refresh and renew everything that we do
With gratitude and heart filled thankfulness

For to dwell on these things that may not seem big
Or even seem what we are owed
Is to lift up our spirit, to freshen our souls
With appreciation and love thus bestowed
And thus we go hence right into this day
With joy in our mind and not dread
With blessing abundant at the fore of our thoughts
With a glow and lighter step in our tread.



A Recipe For Happiness

To whine and moan; complain and bitch
In time becomes a constant itch
That grates the soul; scratches the mind
Stifles all smiles til all you find
Is misery; sadness and pain
That washes sunshine down the drain
And so perhaps with gratitude
Consider what improves the mood
And focus on the better things
Appreciate as the heart sings
All else that brings along delight
However small with fresh insight
Resolved to ditch those duller ways
And thus sustain happier days



What is Beauty

What is beauty?
Save grace in the heart
Kindness personified
A smile from within

What is beauty?
So more than skin deep
Intrinsic exquisiteness
Beholden charm

What is beauty?
If not universal
Shining forth