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April Showers

Snow , hail, wind, rain
April showers of every vein
Running through these bizarre weeks
From March to May as weather tweaks
It’s shape for summer; here by June
Before next winter comes too soon!

Spring Picnic

In a field somewhere
Beneath the azure sky
Where a spring breeze whispers
On a chilled tip of tongue
With occasional drops of liquid ice
Mad dogs and Englishmen picnic
Shivering on fold away chairs
Because in that place called somewhere
The sun has dared to show her face
In an illusion of summer
Offering a mirage of warmer days
And the conviction that
One must make hay while the sun shines


Picnic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


April Showers

The day laid soggy
Soggy asunder the grey dispersing clouds
Puddles splashing
Roads steaming
Branches dripping

Dripping damp!
Damp that hung beneath the spectral sunset
Moisture hanging
Mist suspending
Destiny calling

Calling promises!
Promises inspiring a new tomorrow
Warmth renewing
Sultriness drying
Summer Arriving

Arriving on the wind past April showers

English: Chiaroscuro Typical April day of suns...

English: Chiaroscuro Typical April day of sunshine and showers. Here we’re on the front line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)