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The Dating Game

I think it’s time to find a knight
Who knows how to behave
So gallant, kind and quite pleasant
Who smiles and really saves
Each day with thoughts that percolate
The air with weather fair
Who lives for others yet does not
To others then compare

And puts his own ahead the rest
Uplifts them always first
Whilst home is where the heart exists
And love is fit to burst
A knight who’s loyal and honest too
Who doesn’t cheat or fight
Subscribing to autonomy
To let each one shine bright

Who seeks responsibility
Accountable yet free
With true respect for all around
And only eyes for me!
I think it’s time to find a knight
In shining armour true
So on a postcard do apply
If this seems to be you!

Chess knight 0971.jpg

Chess knight 0971.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emotional Armour

Be equipped and be ready!
Be safe, be sure, be true
Be prepped to counter actions that
Would otherwise hit you

Be organised for battle
Be strong and firm of mind
Be dressed and operational
With willingness entwined

And take care to dress in armour
That helps and saves the day
With an attitude of focus
Uplifting on the way

With a helmet of protection
Save positive mind-set
And breastplate to defend against
Bad feelings lest you fret

Wear shoes of perfect eagerness
Be certain and ready
With a shield upholding values
Of pure centrality

Save a belt of truth and honour
A sword with words so wise
Honed to influence and impact
Life’s daily enterprise

Bronze parade armour

Bronze parade armour (Photo credit: Swamibu)