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Seasons Of Life

The golden days of summer stand aside
Making room for autumn’s copper legacy
Clearing the way for winter’s ebony boughs
And the darkness that will fall upon the Earth

The barren, bleak, harsh cold obscurity
Where frosts will claw at the fallen harvest
Nourishing the deadened yet expectant ground
In readiness for the emerald Spring

And thus too in our own wildernesses
Let dying colours seep and imbue our souls
Milling out of sight in paint pots of anticipation
Until we are ready – once again

Ready to burst forth with radiance
Glorious brightness shining in golden rays
For the seasons of life are ours for the living
In nuggets of renewal; cyclic revival; resplendent

By see above (collage idea and original combination by Predavatel) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By see above (collage idea and original combination by Predavatel) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Elderberry Charm

Elderberries bloom
As hedgerows drip in strings of
Seductive black pearls

Indian Summer (Haiku)

Indian Summer
Of burnished bronze; copper gold
Spiced jewels of the fall

Indian Summer / Altweibersommer im Sauerland

Indian Summer / Altweibersommer im Sauerland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet To The Autumn

The colours of the autumn hither fall
In oranges and reds and rusty browns
A bronzed array about with lost recall
Of greener days now past; leaves on the grounds
Where harvest fruits are reaped and gathered in
Amidst the fiery flames tumbling from trees
To carpet the cold earth with autumn skin
The smoke of bonfires hanging on the breeze
Yet lasting memories of the summer past
Not burnt in embers of the fall-time fire
Will soon give in to winter coming fast
Where frost and snow and icicles aspire
     Meantime the rustling autumn days hold tight
     Abundant and such splendid copper sight

Beautiful fall day!

Beautiful fall day! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autumn Geese

A skein of autumn geese
Flock formed across the watery sky
In silhouette against the rising sun
Punctuating the moist, cool, morning air
With honked calling on downbeat of wing
Migrating in from distant shores


English: Skein of geese over morning mist A lo...

English: Skein of geese over morning mist A loose formation honking loudly on their way to nearby lakes. The mist lingers in the valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Autumn Hysteria

Let’s cue autumn hysteria
It happens every year
Not in the sense that leaves drop gold
Or hops are making beer
But on a scale enormous
The worse that there has been
By far the biggest threat to man
For spiders have been seen
Invading every household
Intent one must presume
Of eating its inhabitants
The kids perhaps consume
But most devouring sanity
By stealth; weapon of fright
Arachnid armies on the move
And nightmares night on night!

English: Spider

English: Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autumn’s Glory

When I am old I hope to be
Just like the seasoned autumn tree
With colours for another day
In splendid shades of rich display
Where youthful green might fade from sight
Yet still shine out with colours bright
The oranges, the reds, the hues
So warm yet lavishly infuse
The lives of others all around
With autumn’s glory to abound

Autumn's Glory

Time Travel

Who said you’d never get it back
That minute that was gone
For last night you know the clocks fell back
So they were very wrong

And that just meant in time and space
We lived an hour again
Just shortly after midnight
As declared by old Big Ben

And so to all those cynics
Travelling back in time is neat
For in truth it happens every year
In our annual ‘Fall’ time treat!

Time Travel


And the trees bow gracefully to autumn’s glory
Robed in vibrant oranges, reds and russets
Laden with bountiful fruits congregating in hedgerows;
Rosehips, elderflower and blackberry
Amongst the teasel and horse chestnut

And in the distance the whistle of winter encroaching
Nipping at the heels of the crisp morning air
Washing away the sultry days of summer with pearlescent dew
Clinging to the abandoned heads of corn
Languishing away from the combines grasp;

And beneath feet, the crunch of fallen autumn leaves
Above the gaggle of migrating geese
Upon the autumn breeze in a trajectory of echeloned formation
Skeins set against the watery sunset
Bidding a fond farewell in summer’s last lament