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Bills – those dratted little things
That fall upon the mat
To leave your mood deflated and
Decidedly quite flat
All dressed in DL sizing
With windows for address
The letter that arrives with force
To stifle and depress

But once every so often
A letter might arrive
With a cheque or more spondoolies
A means to then survive
The constant dread and worry
That bills just tend to bring
Accounts, invoices, outgoings
The banker’s bite and sting!


Invoices (Photo credit: cybrgrl)



Riches Beyond Compare

I spy them sat behind their desks
The bankers in their suits
Counting up their bags of money
And precious gems to boot

And locked away in bank vaults
Are gold bars of so much worth
With all the other precious things
So treasured on the earth

But what do riches really mean
How can we add them up?
Are they really quite so tangible?
To come in silver cups

For aren’t there other valuables
Worth more than bars of gold
Those things in life so priceless
That we honour and behold

Those things that have no price tag
Those things that can’t be bought
Those things that mean so very much
That come with grace and thought

That come with love and kindness
With compassion and with care
Those riches that are free to all
That go beyond compare

So I spy the bankers counting
Their stash of gold money
But I would rather count up wealth
In riches I can’t see