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It’s Blowing Quite A Gale

It’s blowing quite a gale outside
A-howling at the wall
And crashing round the garden
To carry one and all
Its power to move the mighty
To break, to readjust
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Staying in is quite a must
It’s gusting in a fury
It’s force so blustery
And whistling all the while it blows
Straight down the small alley
To drag all in its path and wake
The wind is wild today
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Guess we’d best stay out the way!




The Brewing Storm

Watch Out! A storm’s a brewing
And it’s picking up a pace
With hurricane force winds
Pushing forward in the race

To lash out across the mainland
To thrash with brutish force
And pound with might and magnitude
On its way and on its course

To drench the land in wetness
With floods that overflow
And damage trees and buildings
That stand where it might go

To disrupt the roads and railways
To cause havoc with the power
To bring misery and chaos
In the eye of its peak hour

And by the name of St Jude
This depressing storm will sear
On the feast day of its namesake
For lost causes in the year

So batten down the hatches
Weather out the storm inside
And be prepared for some disruption
Until it all subsides.