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The Gerbera in splendid bloom
The colours of the sun
Resplendent in their majesty
With heads held high; each one

Such fabulous capitulum
In reds and pinks and gold
The Gerbera amassed in vase
Eye candy to behold



What is Beauty

What is beauty?
Save grace in the heart
Kindness personified
A smile from within

What is beauty?
So more than skin deep
Intrinsic exquisiteness
Beholden charm

What is beauty?
If not universal
Shining forth



Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

The marriage of both love and hate
Dichotomous accord
The Rose with petals; fragrance sweet
Next poisoned dart on board

The thorn that draws on blood so red
As red as heart’s desire
With short sharpness in stark defence
The barb that cuts like wire

Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

Red Rose, image compressed

Red Rose, image compressed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two Faced Delusion

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Well, that’s,” said Mirror “hard to say.
Which face of yours is on display?
The one you show to Mrs B?
Or the face you show right now to me?
It’s hard to say which face is fair
For you behold two faces there”

“Oh come now Mirror, so confused!
For only one face do I use!
Why do you think you’re the police?
Come Mirror see I keep the peace
Or that is what I think I do
Is that not fair – does it hurt you?”

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Now say that I’m most fair of all”

Two Faced

Two Faced (Photo credit: S1ON)

Out On The Streets

Out on the streets, the girl in pink
All done up to the nines
With hair that hangs in white blond curls
And lips as red as wine
Eyes made up to appeal; look huge
Topped off with lashes long
And heels so high she tripped a bit
But then there was the thong!

The thong that wedged between her cheeks
Sat proud for all to see
As skirt rode up around her waist
And bottom lagged sadly
Just low enough to pop out from
Her hemline – what a sight
Save still her tummy that so fought
For space in dress so tight

But still she seemed to have a laugh
A ball and so much fun
To gallivant and have a scream
Not caring what she’s done
Or worn (or not), she’s just intent
On living on the edge
Enjoying every minute of
Life and that’s her pledge


Resigned and yet exalted
Clothed in a cloak of oranges, reds, yellows, purples
The sun dips beneath the horizon
In a spectacle of mystery, majesty and might
Painting lingering clouds with refracted rays of luminescent glory
Taking the warmth of yesterday
With promises of a bright new day tomorrow
Eventide’s splendour and dusk’s vision of supremacy
That in a twilit moment commands the skies, the heavens, the universe
As our star of radiant life giving light bows out of another day



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