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Orange Bloom

Oh Mr Bee, come down and see
This gorgeous orange bloom
With nectar cup all opened up
To leave you plenty room
To buzz about and wiggle in
With joy and so much glee
To party in her petalled folds
With much frivolity
And sip from syrup core as though
It’s like the finest wine
So come on, Mr Bee, fly in
For this flower is divine!

Orange Bloom


Wasp Candy

Don’t you hate to be wasp candy
Harassed by buzzing ‘fly’
That hassles and just pesters as
It simply can’t pass by
For give it scent and food smells
It’ll aim right for your head
To irritate or even sting
Wasp candy leaving red!

male paper wasp (Polistes dominula)

male paper wasp (Polistes dominula) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bee

Give me pollen – give me nectar
I’ll keep right out your way
But flap your arms and run about
And then I’ll have my say

And sting you oh so quickly
To say “just get a grip”
Cos acting up scares me so much
And then I have to nip

But please don’t take any offence
And kill me if I do
Cos in all truth I’m here to serve
And make honey for you!

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris)

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bee and The Butterfly

Said the bee to the butterfly
“How far up can you fly?”
Said Butterfly to Bee
“I can fly the highest! You just see!”

Said Bee “I think that you cannot!”
“Oh ha ha!” Butterfly said “Have you forgot
I can fly so high I’d reach that cloud!
Would you try, or are you too proud?”

And Bee retorted with a snort
“It’s easy see, I can and ought
To prove you wrong dear butterfly
‘Cos I’ll fly highest in the sky!”

“Let’s have a race and see who wins
I’ll beat you see!”  Said Bee with grins
Across his face that said I dare
You to try and fly right up there!

“Okay you’re on, I’ll do it see”
Said Butterfly to haughty Bee
I’ll flap my wings and off I go
“Come catch me now you so and so”

And so they both flew up and up
Not looking down, they didn’t stop
Until the air got frosty cold
And then they didn’t feel so bold

But neither would give up and say
We’ve gone too far – we’ve lost our way
Instead they pressed on to the stars
To the planets – from Earth to Mars

Intent on winning each one flew
On and on into the blue
Determined then to win the race
To fly so high and not lose face

And even now, so it’s been told
They’re still in flight from days of old
For never did they each return –
A lesson for us all to learn!

The Bee and The Butterfly

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