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Sonnet To The New Week

The week restarts as morning brightly shines
Awakening with sun on eastern shore
As weekend bids farewell and then resigns
And new beginnings offer hope and more
The zest and zeal of fresh horizons here
The warmth and kiss of yet another week
With strength to seek and look ahead out there
And inspiration’s guide be all to seek
For turn away from grumblings of the day
The moans and whines that dare to hold you back
The tears that yesterday has gone away
The thought that Monday comes with hard attack
       And rise with glee to greet this fresh new week
       To make it most amazing so to speak

Monday: little blue, much purple.

Monday: little blue, much purple. (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)


New Beginnings

There’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Especially when the starting point
Closes a past that craved for more
The past that stifled like a noose
Draining life so far away
Constraining like iron shackles
That made the night persist all day

But by stepping in the present
And putting the past so far behind
Living life in the moment
Becomes a tonic to the mind
And the heart then lightens swiftly
Embracing renewed vitality and peace
With blessed breaths of freshened air
For longevity that won’t cease

And looking to the future
Instills hope and more besides
Learning from the lessons of the past
With those today sat side by side.
So there’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Taking giant steps or just small ones
Such inspiration opens doors!