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Opinions 😉

If we assimilate opinion
From sources of similarity
Then opinions will be influenced
By the views these sources see.
But if we broaden our horizons
Or acknowledge our own dearth,
Then new perspectives on our opinions
Will subsequently be unearthed
And as such these new opinions
Whether they shift or stay the same,
May then recognise the bias
That exists in what we claim.
For a forged opinion may come out of
What we know or think we know.
But these notions in all fairness
May be flawed or need to grow!
And thus whilst knowledge, by definition,
Maybe true, it may be wise
To recognise that opinion’s truth values
Come in more than just one size.


The Peril Of Assumption

Assumption is a dangerous thing
If made of fantasy
Securing wild thoughts in mind banks
That lose reality
For it paints a vivid picture
That’s mustered from the blue
In ways we think it ought to be
But seldom ever true

Yet missing from the vista
When one simply assumes
Are facts and understanding
That leaves so little room
To grab the stuff of substance
As truth is blurred away
And thoughts become entangled in
A web of disarray


Think Before You Speak

My Mum said “Hey the sky is blue”
My Dad “The grass is green”
And Gran said “Look there sits a cat”
And Teacher “That’s the Queen”
And Mrs Smith just down the road
Said “What a horrid day”
And each one always tells the truth
They mean just what they say

Then to me Mum said “How stupid”
And Dad said “Hey, silly”
And Gran said “Be good for your Mum”
And Teacher “So naughty”
And Mrs Smith just down the road
Said “What an ugly view”
So if they all tell me the truth
They must mean me not you!

For as we know the sky is blue
The grass is always green
And I know Gran did see that cat
My teacher saw the queen
So I guess I must be stupid
And silly or not good
And naughty or just plain ugly
For the truth is understood!

An icon illustrating a parent and child

An icon illustrating a parent and child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)