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Pot Holes

Pot Holes!  Bain of the driver’s world
The caverns of the road
The persecutor of all tyres
To wreck and throw the load

With frequent punctures and bent wheels
The blight that drives us mad
So time m’thinks to fix the roads
For they are really bad!

They’re pitted and so gnawed away
Lost tarmac now reveals
Road surfaces cross country wide
Transport’s achilles heels!

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This...

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This road surfacing has been in an unfinished state for at least sixty years. Probably a result of poor liaison between a builder and the local Authority, and in the meantime an embarrassing nightmare for the local householders. In the distance is the serpentine road junction at Tallyrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)