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London Town

What’s going on in London town?
The city that won’t sleep
So busy busy day and night
And traffic piled three deep

Even the pigeons congregate
In flights on Nelson’s hat
And ducks all gather in Green Park
For bread to get real fat!

In Leicester Square, the fun begins
In China Town, a feast
Save Piccadilly all lit up
With lights from west to east.

Still further field is Oxford Street
Tailed off by Marble Arch
Near Speaker’s Corner bubbling
With rallies and a march

Ahead the grass of Hyde Park spreads
To banks of Serpentine
Afore the rotund Albert Hall
And concerts rather fine

South still and to the river banks
Where water’s course; The Thames
Will kiss with Soho, Kensington
And hang off Chelsea’s hems

Then hark the peel of bells that chime
Of Big Ben and St Pauls
As eastern magnet from a far
Pulls to Barbican Halls

Amidst The City, bustling
As money markets spin
The wheel of fortune nine to five
All hoping for a win

A win in city spreading out
Right there in London town
The country’s capital alive
So why not come on down?

English: The Clock Tower of the Palace of West...

English: The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster, colloquially known as “Big Ben”, in Westminster, London, England. Français : Tour de l’horloge du palais de Westminster, couramment nommée “Big Ben”. Londres (Angleterre). فارسی: برج ساعت کاخ وستمینستر، پارلمان بریتانیا در شهر لندن، که به «بیگ بن» مشهور است. 日本語: 通称ビッグ・ベンとして知られる英国、ロンドンのウェストミンスター宮殿の時計塔。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Up With The Lark

I’m not an early morning girl
I can’t arise early
I hate to see the sun get up
Or hear the lark you see
I don’t get why the working day
Just starts at 9 o’clock
Or why on earth set an alarm
To wake you with a shock
Nor can I comprehend at all
That breakfast stops at ten
For after that it’s mid morning
According to Big Ben

For in my simple life I wake
When all are in full swing
When birds have got out of their nests
And church bells start to ring
When the sun has risen up and
Pushed the moon out of sight
And when the day has warmed a bit;
Jack frost has taken flight
When sleepy eyes are memories
And dreams are so long gone
I like to start my day just then
Albeit later on!

Time Travel

Who said you’d never get it back
That minute that was gone
For last night you know the clocks fell back
So they were very wrong

And that just meant in time and space
We lived an hour again
Just shortly after midnight
As declared by old Big Ben

And so to all those cynics
Travelling back in time is neat
For in truth it happens every year
In our annual ‘Fall’ time treat!

Time Travel