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Bird Bullies

A plucky sparrow comes and sits
Next to the cat – oh what a twit
It squawks and tweets a rowdy noise
That says come down all girls and boys
For this daft cat has lost his edge
He’s scared of me here in the hedge
So with a little push today
I reckon he’ll just run away
And blubber to his Mum and Dad
That birds are bullies – poor poor lad!
Then we’ll be free to peck away
To tweet and chirp throughout the day
Without the threat or chance that we’ll
End up instead as his main meal!


The Robin

Hip hip hooray for the robin
A lively little bird
Ubiquitous in many sense
A chirp that can be heard
Not far from feet in summer
And winter all the same
With red breast and black beady eyes
Enjoying British fame
As country’s national sweetheart
Amongst all birds we see
Christmas card pin up; gardeners’ friend
Entwined in our psyche

A Joyful Day

A joyful day breaks
Sun shines and new buds burst forth
Bird sings on the wing

A Joyful Day