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Poisoned Dwarf

When you come across a poisoned dwarf
The only thing to do
Is realise that in all truth
They’re evil through and through
Intent on nastiness and spite
Revenge and speaking ill
And sad to say they sour a day
Much like a bitter pill

But try and rise above the grief
And venom that they spread
For through the rolls of bitterness
A lost soul curls up dead
Within each one; a broken heart
A babe who’s known no love
Who fails to reflect kindness, grace
Bring peace on wings of dove

A story of great sadness and
A tale of woes; remorse
Where dwarf has been left wanting in
Time and throughout the course
OF a life that has little to
Rejoice about with glee
Less playing havoc with others
Driven by jealously

And so do not repay with hate
Try to not answer back
But stick to ways that honour truth
With light shining healing their cracks
To blast away the bad and bring
In goodness through and through
Reflecting kindness and hope for
Poisoned dwarf to imbue


No Heart

He has no heart
No essence or compassion
No soul, no spirit, no charity
No kindness and no passion

He has no love
No cordial tenderness
No zeal or beating drum within
No gentle graciousness

He has no understanding
No desire; no fond rapport
No sympathy or sweet accord
Just gaping open core

And yet inside he bleeds; he cries
He wants; he craves; he yearns
For all he’s lost; his wilderness
Where fire ice blue cold burns

Like pain that sears; frost bites so hard
Bitterness his delight
Alone; abandoned; so forlorn
Deserted in the night

Dark Moods (Part I) – Bitterness

When I see the ill effects of dark moods playing out in another’s life it makes me sad – doesn’t it you?  It seems such a waste of a life spent subscribing to emotions, sometimes for years, which may help in the short term (very short term) in an adaptive role but serve little long term end.  There is so much else to enjoy in life and with so much research out there now to show the damaging effects of these long-term moods, please, if this resonates with you, ask for help to see the sunnier side of life. This then is part one of three short observations on our darker moods – bitterness, hate and anger.  Will try and redress the balance with some jollity later 🙂

The piranha of emotion
Consuming the soul
In a melee of malevolence
And ruckus of resentment
Eroding concord with dissonance
As tears cascade from the heart
In fountains of despondency
Such a waste of life!

Treat Him Well

If you treat him with contempt
Then that is what you’ll get
If you treat him with hated
Then he’ll learn and then beget
Ways that flow against the tide
That drown and then submerge
His will to walk a righteous way
That set him on the verge
Of courses that might navigate
Away from good to bad
That fill his heart with rocks and stones
And bitterness so sad

So treat him with compassion
With empathy and care
So he will mimic truth and good
And go right out from there
Imbued with truth and honour
Inspired integrally
With hope for better days ahead
A good trajectory
Soaking up the joy from learning
With a heart to contribute
Feeling the pat right on his back
And not the kick from boot