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What Lies Within

I see a house; a pretty house
A garden full of flowers
With painted gate and picket fence
Where sun shines golden showers
Delightful thatch ahead the house
With panes all leaded too
And walls so whitewashed glistening
And hence attractive too

I see the water dance on pond
Where sparkling fountain falls
And blue skies are reflected on
The surface; lilies call
Where fish swim, frogs hop, joy abounds
And laughter emanates
Across the garden; singing songs
Perfection’s way create

Yet wander in the house and all
Is not as it might seem
Behind the windows veiled in cloth
Such glory does not gleam
The rooms chaotic, bare in parts
Opposing that outside
Where darkness dwells and consumes all
No light switch; hurt resides

Desperate gloom; despair; so lost
Such agonies untold
Where sunny rays don’t penetrate
And black replaces gold
Where sounds fall dead; where no-one hears
The cries; the pleas; the needs
The corners of the lodgings pinch
The heart that always bleeds

So when you see a pretty house
A garden full of flowers
And painted gate and picket fence
Where sun shines golden showers
Be kind and tread compassions way
For lying there in wait
Might be a black dog who will not
Select; discriminate

What Lies Within

By Stefan Stegemann (Deutsch: selbst erstellt English: self made) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


The Black Dog

A black dog on cliff’s precipice
Where rocks will fall below
The crumbling tide of raging mind
In oceans tidal flow
That washes almost as to drown
To swamp, to sink; obscure
The joy that calmer water brings
The sea of insecure

The worry and anxiety
Panic’s impending doom
Where light has hid behind a cloud
So dingy; full of gloom
Where energy abates and falls
Where appetite is lost
As vigour flags and languishes
So veiled ; emotions crossed

Where life cannot lie in sun
Or run on beach so free
And leash appears so very tight
Constricting liberty
Where depths despair knows oh so well
The darkness and the plight
The black dog of depression there
The blackness; always night