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A Prayer



There will be many blessings
Within the sacred heart
Away from lies and dissidence
Where hatred has no part
Where love and understanding will
Reside with peace and calm
The core that is a purer soul
That holds a unique charm

The centre of compassion that
Exists with mercy mild
With meekness and humility
And self-control compiled
To forgive with selfless justice
Uphold morality
And resonate good righteousness
Rejoicing so gladly

Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee (Photo credit: upyernoz)

What’s In A Wish?

What’s in a wish; A million hopes
And dreams of better things
With drops of aspiration bright
Desires eternal springs

And bids to see the sun shine more
To see the rainbow’s end
To live in peace and harmony
With love that will transcend

Our futures and our destiny
Our paths more green from here
A wish that grants with such accord
And uplifts each one dear

That imbues senses with sweet scent
That reigns in silver weave
With blessings and fulfilling faith
Our dearest wish conceive