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Nature’s Paintbrush

Drops from Nature’s paintbrush
Splattered on the wayside
In a bouquet of resplendent colour
Dotted in the hedgerow
Amidst the fragrances of Spring
Pouring out into the landscape
As buds burst into bloom

Natures Paintbrush

Nature’s Paintbrush All Rights Reserved © Ginz&Tonic 2015


Sonnet to the Spring

What leads the eye as life slowly appears?
Through misted dawn the sun beams forth her rays
What sights behold the oracle so clear?
As morn dispels the night, awakens day
And sound rings true through fragrant fresh new air
As peel of bells echo across the dale
And resonance vibrates in ear so fair
The choir of birds sing out behind the veil
But wait the skein of geese fly out of sight
And caw of crow breaks coarse save feel deaths sting
As winter bit and bid a last goodnight
The summer heat to soon burn out the spring
          Still cowslip, bluebell and the first cuckoo
          Emerge afresh; the verdant earth renew

Did you know that today (23rd April) would have been Shakespeare’s 450th birthday? He surely was the master of all sonnets – having attempted this my first sonnet, what it would be to be able to write as prolifically as the famous bard.  

Hatchlands Park

Hatchlands Park (Photo credit: Mabacam)







The Bluebell Wood

Ocean mists of ancient woods
Beneath the coppice canopy
In blue haze of splendour Spring awakes
And heralds in the bluebell sea.

With tubular bells on graceful arch
Concealing arms within each head
Bewitching sights, majestic mass
The watery carpet outward spreads.

Perennial display in magnificent form
Adorning ground and mind
From bulbs with charm will effloresce
Where once old books did bind.

The Bluebell Wood of scent so pure
Drifts gently through the air
Resplendent gown of weald’s blue pride
In English quintessence fine and fair.