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We have a strong tradition of jazz in our family going back the generations and are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best loved jazz tunes every day playing through the house on either piano or brass.  This poem has tried to syncopate the beat that is jazz whilst attempting to define this much loved genre of music that gets the toes tapping, the emotions racing and souls uplifted.  Written in a simple 4/4 metre, try reading it by emphasising the second and fourth ‘beats’ or syllables to get in the mood!

The novel beat
Out in the street
Where rhythm flows
Where notes complete
The jazz we love
A sound so neat

A genre born
In southern state
Yet did relate
To African
Music and vibes
Combining blues
From native tribes

And swung notes with
The restless sound
The beat of drums
With blast of brass
Piano bright
That jazz that does
Not sleep at night

The beat that taps
The toe through me
Great razzmatazz
The sound that’s jazz


Jazz with Nic Jones courtesy of Ben DJ Photography

Jazz with Nic Jones courtesy of Ben DJ Photography



Ironing Bored Blues

There’s something quite frustrating about ironing
That drives me so terribly mad
The first is that it’s never ending
Verging on what could be described as a fad
But the thing that is really frustrating
Isn’t found in the infinite pile
But in the fact that as soon as the clothes hit our backs
The creases appear with an intent that’s hostile
And give rise to a state that’s depressing
Known well amongst those with an ironing short fuse
Who find such pressing matters incredibly pointless
Otherwise called the ironing bored blues.