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The Grass Boat

Boat sails amidst the rushes
Where the grasses oscillate in waves
Swaying in the breeze
On green verdant tides
That lap up to the chalk precipice
And ‘neath the blue azure sky
Where gulls battle the breeze
A mermaid calls from yonder ocean
To her prairie marooned sailor
Anchored forever in his meadow harbour



I saw a piece of driftwood
Upon a lonely shore
A piece of wood from somewhere else
Just one piece on the floor
And visualized the sailing boat
With sails so ruby red
That had once sailed on the high seas
Afore sinking to seabed

The boat that in her high day
Had cargo all aboard
From oriental ports and lands
That few could dare afford
That sailed the seas a-ferrying
These goods for richer men
With captain paid in golden bars
From Hong Kong and Phnom Peng

The boat with riches so untold
Yet legendary at best
With silken cloth and spices that
Would sell well in the West
That navigated distant seas
In squall and storm so well
Until the day disaster struck
That rang ship’s death toll bell

The day that pirates came aboard
To plunder for their own
The bootie that they pillaged and
With Captain overthrown
And shipmates hustled on the deck
Like animals in herd
They dared each man to walk the plank
With evilness absurd

And then when crew were dead and gone
They blew the boat sky high
To steal away their treasured loot
Their code; an eye for eye
And left the wreck a sinking down
In the pacific sea
The boat with riches so untold
Left as mythology

And now washed up on foreign shore
The boat in bits appears
As driftwood from the sunken wreck
Laps up year after year
As a reminder of the plight
Of ship with ruby sails
That sailed the oriental waves
As told in old folk tales


driftwood (Photo credit: Tom Gill.)