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There is a background hum
A bubble of chitter-chatter
Babbling voices
Merry souls
Filling the breach
Between nothing and something
Dispelling boredom’s diversion
At the cognitive junction of distraction
Though as focus forges ahead
Deaf to all that goes before
And blind to all that is nearby
Concentration in its purest form
Neither sees nor hears
Nor senses past the tunnel ahead

Blah Blah Blah

Dedicated, in the nicest possible way, to all those who make our lives hell 😉

That noise she makes
So blah blah blah
Incessant some would say
Just going on and on and on
And nagging everyday
Still reading out the same old lines
Preaching to deaf deaf ears
For no ones listening anymore
She’s bored us all to tears!

Hanging About (Haiku)

The men congregate
No work just bottles of beer
Hanging about – bored!



Whoever came up with the thought
Of forms that bore to death
That stifle and perplex, confuse
And take away your breath
The little lines or boxes that
Pré·cis and summarise
To make short information
Yet still take a million tries
To get the writing fitted in
Succinct, complete to send
The world of forms that terrorize
And drive us round the bend!

English: Paperwork

English: Paperwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)