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St George

Today’s the day to be a knight
As in those days of old
To overcome the power of bad
With bravery so bold

For out there in the world about
A dragon lies in wait
Destroying all pure beauty bright
In flames of greed and hate

So step up like the saint, St George
And fight for truth and light
Imbuing strength from deep within
To conquer darkest night

And slay the beast that dares to mock
The good in life and grace
With sword that’s poised to destroy ill
Bring peace unto this place

St Georges Day

Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


If you play the same old record
Then you’ll hear the same old song
If you still act out the same script
The same lines will still be wrong

If you hate your own reflection
Change the person who you see
If you’re unhappy with your life
Then transform who you will be

If you dislike the path you’re roaming
Then switch to a different way
If you don’t like the way your life is
Then be brave and change today

And know that for the most part
You make your own sweet harmony
So tweak your life; pick up the reigns
And drive your own destiny

What is Bravery?

Is it the bold, audacious act?
Or the quiet courageous deed
Is it the daring feat of heroism?
Or the valiant faithful lead
Is it triumph over fear?
Or the will to dare to dare?
Is it the facing up and doing it
Despite all other threats out there
Is it in suffering for beliefs?
Or endurance for a cause
Is gallantry only for the brave?
Who are worthy of applause?
Bravery; defined by such resilience
That endures for liberty
A fight that votes for freedom
A conquest that sets us free.