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The A1

Long winding trunk road, what do you see?
Cars in their millions as well as lorries
Plodding along or zooming on by
As you stretch out ahead into the blue sky

Do you notice the madness; the huge traffic jams
The chaos upon you; the biffs and the bams
The sirens; the hooting; the screech of some brakes
That cling to your surface when they can’t overtake

Do you feel all those wheels that whizz over your head
The blue cars; the white vans and bikes painted red
Do you know what they’re doing; do you care or perceive
For the volume of traffic that wends and that weaves

Do you fathom the greatness of Britain in one
As you pass our great cities and country on your run
Do you lap up the sights and soak up the views
I wonder long trunk road what it is to be you?

And what do you think as you leave London Town
Heading north to the borders closing in on the crown
Of Gaelic descent; Edinburgh’s abode
Do you sense your achievement my dear Old North Road?



English Grumbles

It seems that Brits all love to moan
To grumble and complain
To remonstrate and blame with rife
When something is a pain

To whine and whimper – oh it’s bad
Lamenting constantly
Where it might seem that the cup is not
Half full but half empty

And yet in Britain we have pride
In many different things
So save just going on and on
Let’s fly the flag and sing

Sing songs of good old England and
Her pastures green and fair
And pull ourselves out of doldrums
To get a smile in there!

English: Wastwater, Lake District, England.

English: Wastwater, Lake District, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)