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The Snow Bride


The Snow Bride

Under the light of frosty moon
A bride in whitened gown
Spread forth her train; her robes so pure
In silence cross the town

Enveloping the landscape
In a wake of crystal hue
In hushed progression sought her groom
Snowed blanket left on view

By stealth she crept from door to door
Cross every leafy lane
Spread out across each grassy lawn
Searching her love in vain

On branches; steps; on pavements too
She left a trail so white
The pathway of this bride seeking
Her lover out that night

But in the morn when sun awoke
She melted right away
Leaving her tears in pools of ice
Jilted in light of day

And frosted to each blade of grass
Her spirit set apart
The remnants of her bridal train
And snow dropped broken heart


Second Chance

When marriage goes a little wrong
A cup might take a crash
But when it fails and falls to bits
The heart takes the backlash

And like the cup that smashes up
It bleeds and is shattered
But not in ways as physical
Yet still destroyed; battered

For at the seat of who we are
The core of every one
Emotionally we’re vulnerable
To things that have been done

Translated by the head a top
Steered by neurology
The heart then takes the knocks; the strains
And weeps eternally

Lest that it is what it does unless
A plaster is affixed
When happiness helps heal the wounds
With kindness in the mix

And then the heart will jump for joy
Be blessed and smile anew
The past no longer there to hurt
Saved by love’s great sinew

To live a life of wholesomeness
That gives without a glance
The beat of grace; the stroke of hope
Best known as second chance

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stone Heart

I found a heart down on the beach
A heart all made of stone
All hard and tossed by larger waves
And now sat all alone

With granite core all beaten down
Eroded constantly
By vagaries of weather and
The tears of nearby sea

And now that heart sits on my desk
An aide-mémoire revealed
That we must handle hearts with care
Let kindness be our yield

To save the hearts of others who
Might be tossed to and fro
And be a shining light in life
To help each heart just glow


Stone-heart (Photo credit: HighNorthPixie)

The Desert of the Lost

I pray you never see this place
A far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

A land where streams are empty
Dried out and cracked so dry
A land where trees barely exist
And vultures fill the sky

A land where an oasis
Is just a faint mirage
And lakes are distant memories
And faded by the entourage

Of dreams cascading to illusions
Lost waterholes forgot
A land so parched and very dry
With searing heat so hot.

Where lives seem non-existent
Where no-one dares to go
A land devoid of water
Where the river never flows

I pray you’ll never go there
This desert of the lost
This place reserved for lonely souls
Where heartbreak counts the cost

This place where veins no longer
Can flow with life’s red blood
For hope and faith and trust and love
Are gone in tidal floods

No! I pray you never see this place
This far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

Overcoming Grief

Sometimes there’s not much that can be done or said
When our heart is torn and feels like lead.
But instead we have faith; simple and sure
That the pain will pass, however raw.
For a heart that loves and is full of care
Is one that in time, will heal and repair,
As the warmth in its hearth, will lighten the soul
And forge memories forever that are happy and whole.