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There are days when you feel rather poorly
When in essence you feel a tad green
When your head feels like it’s left your body
And your legs are nowhere to be seen

When your stomach is all centre picture
And your nose has run right out of town
Less your get up and go has just vanished
And your spirits are feeling so down

So on those days head straight for the duvet
Shut the curtains and turn off the phone
Watch a film with a cup of hot chocolate
And indulge in a good whinge and moan

Then in time slowly feel a bit better
Stretch widely and get out of bed
To welcome the world once again with
A brighter and much clearer head!


Winter Tonics

With all the winter sniffles
You can hear the chemists’ glee
As sales of drugs for coughs and colds
Go high as high can be

And as for those at Kleenex
Well their day is really made
As every sniff or large ‘atchoo
Means tissue trades upgrade

But as the bugs arrive in force
From the ‘chills’ to winter flu
Remember that the old wives say
A tonic’s good for you

Yes tonics that they swear are great
Even if they taste quite grot
With onions, garlic, vinegar
To lessen all the snot!

Or maybe those that promise
To infuse vitality
From brews of minerals and herbs
To juices and fruit teas

So try them to be certain
You could have done no more
To combat winter viruses
A-queuing at your door!

By way of note this neither recommends the use of or vouches for any remedies or tonics etc.  Always seek medical advice if you have concerns!