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I’ve often sat and wondered
What the hook is with DIY
What fascinates those people
Who love nails and wood, 3 ply
Those who relish time in home stores
Those whose sheds become their lair
And why it is they’re obsessional
About their drills and other fayre.

And then there are the gardeners
What keeps their interest keen?
Their daily dedication
In keeping grass and fingers green.
What captivates, enthrals them?
What drives them to be best?
And why is it I ponder,
They don’t stop and have a rest?

Then the ornithologists remain a riddle
Along with those who fish and who train spot.
Or those who play a round of golf –
What maintains their interest hot?
But those pursuing dangerous endeavours
Are the ones that fox me most
Be it skydiving from an aeroplane
Or bungee jumping off a post!

But in essence on reflection,
In all these different pursuits
There’s one little gem that links us
That unites us all, to boot
For the fact that we’re all different
And like such variety
Puts a spectral rainbow in the sky
That celebrates our diversity.