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I sit and watch parents
All doing their best
To bring up their children
So they don’t become pests
For they take them to this
And they take them to that
Take them swimming, to rugby
Let them swing cricket bat
They pay for their lessons
In music and more
Take them on holidays, to museums
To try and ensure
They have every opportunity
Are brought up to be
Availed of experiences
To furnish a, b and c

But midst all the doing
In the busy rushed mire
I spy little children
Who are exhausted and tired
But what I see too
Are kids who are not
Happy, relaxed
Contented with their lot!
And I spy through the mayhem
Kids who are bored
Who can’t be by themselves
Who are honestly floored
If they just aren’t kept busy
Aren’t “living the dream”
And I think to myself
Is this just what it seems

Is this right for these children
Is this really the best
Or is this the root of a problem
That’s yet not flown the nest
But is brooding for later
When all the chances are spent
And history sighs loudly
And condemns and resents
And looks back and wonders
What good did that do?
Was it really enjoyable?
Or do we now rue
The best for its badness
Options all burned out
As tomorrow’s adults are lost
And completely stressed out!


Less Haste More Speed

Woke up really early
With busy on my mind
That feeling of great urgency
Activity to find

Jumped out from the duvet
And rushed into the day
Tripping in a hurry
With breakfast on the way

Dashed out of the front door
Grabbing keys and drink to go
In haste swishing so quickly
Doing nothing very slow

Tore right through the traffic
Jumped aboard the train
Hurtled down the subway
The day’s agenda on my brain

Got into the office
Slumped at the desk at last
To recall that it was a day off!
Should have taken things less fast!

English: Commuters on London Bridge 8:50 on a ...

English: Commuters on London Bridge 8:50 on a sunny May morning, and London Bridge is packed with commuters, many having arrived at London Bridge station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Busy Times

Have you ever stopped to wonder
What your busying is for.
Is it really quite so necessary?
Or a disguise that hides much more?

Do you think, what is the purpose?
Planning days that cram so much
To be busy every moment
And succumb to busy’s clutch?

The modern disease of Busy Busy
A rampant venom in our veins
No time to sit and ponder
What is taking all the strains.

For if you stripped away your Busying
What would it then reveal
Would there be peace and comfort
Or an exposed achilles heel?

So is this daily mass hysteria
A cloak of inner rift?
Of busy bees in busy times
Where something is adrift.

And what purpose does the rat race serve?
The constant clock watch bring?
Why not just say enough’s enough
And subscribe to quieter things?

To find time again to take a breath
To sit and rest a while.
For one thing is sure, you can’t deny
That busying is just a trial!

A trial without a jury.
A sentence without a crime.
A life in the dock that’s being served.
The choice that misses time.

For have you ever stopped to wonder
What your busying is for
And if it’s really necessary
Or if there is much more!!!