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Cake (Haiku)

Cake! The solution
To all life’s little problems
Baking happiness



Bacon Is Good For You (Or Is It?)

Bacon is good for you
Like sweets and candyfloss
And fizzy drinks and cold ice creams
Or steaks with creamy sauce

But that’s in moderation
For in bounty they will make
You feel all stodgy; much like goo
That fills in nommie cakes!

And so enjoy a chocolate bar
A glass of wine or beer
But spare some space for veg and fruit
For good health year on year

English: A chocolate cake decorated with icing...

English: A chocolate cake decorated with icing, strawberries, and silvery sugar beads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cupcakes and Lemonade

Cupcakes and lemonade
Picnics away
Chilling to celebrate
Come on today
To shine like a star
With sweetness galore
With fresh lemonade
Come on – we implore!

And feel sun in your hair
And grass in your toes
Whilst making a diff’rence
Cos everyone knows
That cupcakes and lemonade
Forever will be
The best of best partners
For a fundraising tea!

This summer are asking us to hold Cupcake and Lemonade parties to fundraise for them so that they continue to be here for patients with unexplained blackouts, to answer their questions, talk to schools and provide reassurance when you need it.  To find out more click here.  This charity provides an invaluable service to those, who like me, suffer from conditions that knock us out regularly and particularly for those who struggle to get a diagnosis for rarer conditions.  Why not consider supporting them and organising your own Cupcakes and Lemonade picnic or party.  You can process the funds raised through the donations link on this blog which goes directly to them.  Let me know what you do? 🙂

jalapeno lemonade cupcakes

jalapeno lemonade cupcakes (Photo credit: freakgirl)

Chocolate Cake

Have your cake and eat it up
No problem we all say
For chocolate cake is just the best
On each and every day
With cream oozing from centre and
Choccie dripping from the top
With sprinkles, buttons, flakes in droves
As well as chocolate drops
And rich rich velvet nominess
Confection of delight
Will not last long on plate or fork
Unless right out of sight


Last Minute Christmas

Last minute Christmas
Oh what a to do
The shops are just crazy
The traffic is too
The queues are horrendous
The congestion a mess
Why leave it so late
And get in a stress?

But that’s how it happens
Every year without fail
You plan oh so calmly
To shop, cook to entail
That peace and serenity
Sees the preps done timely
But does it happen that way
Don’t be daft – not to me!

So last minute Christmas
All done in a rush
And wrapped in the small hours
When the house is all hush
And the cake and the pudding
Cooked on the last day
But dowsed in much brandy
To take all cares away!


The Christmas Cake

Take a 100 grams of flour
And add a little more
Take some sugar from the cupboard
Add fruit and eggs all raw
Then stir it up together
With spoons of happiness
And add the last ingredients
For a cake that’s truly blessed

The special last ingredients
A dashing of pure love
With cups of hope and kindness bright
Lest wishes from above
Add joy and family spirit
Compassion and sweet care
And mix and blend it all as one
For the best of Christmas fayre

Then put it in the oven warm
To bake for a long time
To cook where sweet aromas waft
For something quite sublime
Then top with frosted icing
And decorate with cheer
To wish each a Merry Christmas
And a blessed Happy New Year

The Christmas Cake