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Back To School Traffic

Queues, cones and chaos
The three ‘c’s’ of traffic jams
Holding up a journey
As roads are over crammed

Halting all the vehicles
In automated blocks
With tempers flaying frustrated
Losing minutes off the clock

But that’s the way it falters
In rush hours general rule
As infrastructure battles when
The kids go back to school


Train Fares

So train fares are arising
The roads are chocker block
The airline under pressure
And chaos at the docks
The taxis are expensive
And bikes a little slow
So how on earth are we supposed
To get where we must go!

It’s back to feet and foot power
“Unreasonable” you say!
But when all is said and all is done
They’re the only certain way
But then “Oh no!”  I hear you cry
“These feet need many shoes”
And shoes are pricey – aren’t they just!
It seems there is a ruse

A ruse to make more money
To keep the fat cats big
By paying for our travelling
Now come on – don’t you twig
For in our mobile nation
It’s a money maker sure
That brings in the spondoolies
For the government and more!