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Celebrating age in a Haiku ….



There is a time to celebrate
To stop and have some fun
To let your hair down; have a laugh
To enjoy job well done
To uplift spirits; don a smile
Add in some perfect cheer
A time to celebrate with those
Whose hearts you hold so dear
And in that time to just relax
To chill and have a ball
With celebrations cup all full
Festivities roll call


Let’s Celebrate Nice People

Let’s celebrate nice people
Yes, the nice people who we meet
The ones who simply make our day
Those who smile when in the street
Who carry bags and open doors
Those who stop and take the time
To help all fellow people
In a way that is sublime

For sometimes when we’re busy
It’s just so easy to forget
To go that extra mile or yard
And to bother or sublet
The niceness that is in us all
The goodness we have to give
The pleasantries and hellos
That improve just how we live

So take a leaf and copy
Those nice people who in life
Take the time to be so lovely
And take away our strife
And copy all their good habits
The blessings they can impart
And pledge to be much nicer
Beating kindness from our heart!

Let's Celebrate Nice People

Nice just sometimes sums it up 🙂

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