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Just A Thought …

Each day I am determined
To write a little ditty
A poem or some prose
That rhymes or … maybe doesn’t
An etching from my soul
My heart or from my mind
That help me understand the world
And fathom out mankind

And from the blue the topics
Just pop into my head
Whether I am feeling great
Or even just half dead
And where they come from is
A mystery for sure
But every day I jot down thoughts
To perceive more and more

So if they touch your soul
Uplift you; make you glad
Then that’s my job accomplished
Though sometimes they’ll be sad
And make you think or ponder
Or maybe question too
Is this the world we live in?
Whatever can I do?

But then that’s not a problem
When we challenge our mind’s mode
For good and bad and ugly
Form this world that’s our abode
So equally I hope it helps
When writing from the heart
To prompt us all to celebrate
The good or play our part!

Train Tracks

Sat there
Waiting for
The train to stop
But where’s it comes from
And where’s it going to
Nobody knows nor bothers
For journey’s end is not the point
But more so the track we navigate
For that puts the clickety clack in life

I saw this challenge on a fellow bloggers site,, and thought I’d have a go at writing an Etheree.  Why not click on their link to find out more and have a go too.  

The Wall

It rose up from the ground so tall
An obstacle, a wall
It towered ahead to make me think
I’d hit it and would fall
And fail and give up all in one
This wall that was so high
With bricks and steel that blocked my path
I wanted just to cry

To run away and not look back
Surrender and give in
For such impediment in place
Meant I could never win
It hindered and it hounded me
It overcame my will
It won the battle in my mind
Lost hope that did infill

My every thought filled with despair
The wall had won the day
Or that’s at least what it did think
Until I found my way
To muster perseverance with
Determination new
For with these two sat at my side
The challenge could renew

And might and mind combined in one
To move on; motivate
And now the wall has fallen down
Powerless it can’t create
A block, a hitch or hurdle
For it’s gone from whence it came
And now I’m right back on the track
Right back and in the game!

English: Bricks in a wall.

English: Bricks in a wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)