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Hey! Fake Boy!

Hey fake boy! Why do you so gloat?
Pretend to sometimes be
The person that you’re simply not
Hiding so blatantly
Behind the mask; the veil; face
That isn’t really you
I sense chameleon disguise
Concealing the true view

Why do you shirk, dissimulate
Use smokescreens every day
For fake boy look in the mirror
And there in full array
Is he who’s really good enough
Without pretense or shame
The boy we like just as he is
And that boy wears your name

Social Chameleon

He’s one of life’s chameleon’s
A skilled social actor
Concerned with who he will impress
Acceptance manufacture

He self-monitors carefully
To be acknowledged; to fit in
Obsessed with how others see him
To step into their skin

Their hearts, approval, be what may
He’ll change; accommodate
The people who he’s mixing with
So that they think he’s great

He’ll take his cues to see just what
To do, to say, to be
The social chameleon at large
Amidst society

I photographed this feral Jackson's Chameleon ...

I photographed this feral Jackson’s Chameleon on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Rich Torres, Burlingame, Calif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)