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A Vote That Counts

Labour are red
The Tories are blue
Vote however you like
For the fact that holds true
Is that tomorrow; next week
When the new PM’s in
It will still be the case
That you can still win
If you don’t blame the outcome
On a whole load of rot
But focus instead
On the skills that you’ve got
To focus, work hard
With resolve and with might
For the gold that you seek
Is intrinsic; out of sight
Being contained in each one of us
For better or bad
So dig deep and discover
With a heart that is glad
To not see the red, and neither the blue
But the spectrum inside you
And make that work for you
For politicians will come
And then they will go
And no matter how much
Each manifesto
Makes great promises to match
Your wishes and wills
Or tries to deliver
Through political frills
Labour will stay red
The Tories will stay blue
But the rainbow that gives most
Will be always in you


The Heart of Change (Haiku)

Be sure not to fear
Extraordinary for there
Is the heart of change


When the candle starts to flicker
When light grows ever dim
When change is all about you
Or darkness drawers right in
Consider how a seed grows
From remnants of the past
Contracted embers blown at will
That then renews and casts
Forth new life so abundantly
With the resources to
Handle and manage growth again
And do what they must do
And so when worried; overwhelmed
Know things will be all right
Because sometimes it’s in darkness
That we then see the light


Do you wanna make a difference?

Do you wanna make a difference?
Do you wanna make a change?
Do you wanna improve others lives?
Do you wanna rearrange
The way things are; the options
The answers and the rest
To offer up solutions and
Provide what’s for the best?

Then focus and determine
How you might then assist
With open heart, transparent will
And selfishness dismissed
And give with a subscription
To honour, love and care
To support others by your deeds
For a better world out there

Crystal Ball

Oh to have a crystal ball
To see past now to then
To look into the future and
Reveal the outcomes end

To see the course we’re taking
To realise the way
The way it goes, the bends it takes
Tomorrows past today

To have the chance to change
Our destiny or fate
To look into a crystal ball
Before it’s far too late

Crystal ball

Crystal ball (Photo credit: PR®)


If you play the same old record
Then you’ll hear the same old song
If you still act out the same script
The same lines will still be wrong

If you hate your own reflection
Change the person who you see
If you’re unhappy with your life
Then transform who you will be

If you dislike the path you’re roaming
Then switch to a different way
If you don’t like the way your life is
Then be brave and change today

And know that for the most part
You make your own sweet harmony
So tweak your life; pick up the reigns
And drive your own destiny

Turn About

Give up the fags, the sweets and the booze
Give up the caffeine and buying more shoes
Give up the burgers and other fast food
Give up the moaning and being so rude
Give up the nose picking or chewing on hair
Give up the tendency to lean on your chair
Give up the life that never moves or works out
Give up these things and start turning about

About to a life where you are in charge
About to a life that is free and at large
About to a life where you’re the boss of your ways
About to a life that takes control of your days
About to a life that says “I love me, I do”
About to a life that says “That choice is mine too”
About to a life that’s not constricted by guilt
About to a life that is lived to the hilt!



Across the shallow water
A ripple spread right out
Small gentle undulations
Set off waves of change no doubt

They rose and fell like breakers
With considered consequence
From disturbances resulting
In suspicion and suspense

And the subtle alterations
The fluxing of the flow
The variation of rhythm
Caused the tide to cockle so

But isn’t life just so full of ripples
That transverse how we behave
Ringing changes through the ages
To ride on the crests of waves