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Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Spare the rod and spoil the child
So the saying goes
But that is not to say that you
Can beat your children so

Or chastise them inappropriately
Deprive them, knock about
Demean, bully, intimidate
Or constantly just shout

It doesn’t mean the naughty step
Is what they really need
Or to be locked up in a room
Until they then accede

It simply means that firm values
And standards should be taught
With love, respect, autonomy
Compassion and support

It means that patience should be there
To take the time to show
The children of tomorrow’s world
Just what is right to know

It means a rod to reel them in
As fish look to the bait
The bait – the message that will save
Them from the ways of hate!

So spare the rod and spoil the child
Be careful that you know
The kinder ways to teach children
To help them really grow

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and ...

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and Old Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Safeguarders

They said they were the safeguarders
They said they would protect
They said they would ensure children
Would not be circumspect
To trouble or to bullying
To wanton hostile way
But sadly they subscribed to these
With drama on display

They blew out of proportion
The smallest little things
Their ego dancing all up front
To run around in rings
Their own agenda furiously
Perspectives all awry
And in the end they failed to care
To save them lest they die

They failed as their defender
They ceased to comprehend
They lost touch with reality
They failed to fix and mend
And took away their only hope
Their trust they did repel
So safeguarders?  Not likely more
Antagonists from hell

Child protection is an important part of life and each of us must play a vital part in safeguarding our children.  Being entrusted with the responsibility to step up to the mark cannot be taken lightly and requires respect, responsibility and care.  Those who don’t take this seriously or fail in their duty can cause untold misery and deprivation – getting it wrong is surely as bad as either not doing anything at all or being the actual antagonist.  We each, therefore, need to take up the gauntlet to ensure that we truly understand, care and genuinely work towards making each and every child matter with a mission to enhance the lives of our younger generation to give them a better tomorrow.  

A polite reminder that this blog operates a disclaimer policy regarding interpretation of text.  This is not written to point the finger at anyone specifically more so to highlight a vitally important aspect of child protection.