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The problem with gossip
Is it spreads like a fire
Like a demon possessed
Electricity down the wire
Like a mudslide or earthquake
A fast running stream
It fuels in its frenzy
And rarely is clean
And it picks up the debris
In the sails of its storm
With the whispers of others
Stinging as bees in the swarm
And, as such, wrecks lives
But mostly departs
From virtuosity and truth
Breaking bonds; breaking hearts
For it can’t handle honesty
And fails to perceive
Anything more than its own view
Being corrupt and dirty
As it smudges and smears
Is implicit with lies
Causing havoc and chaos
Til the day that it dies


Chinese Whispers

There’s a rustle on the grapevine
A whisper on the breeze
A rumour that is mingling
On the networks with great ease

There’s a buzz and a commotion
A story that’s about
Some news that’s in the headlines
Some gossip to shout out

But is it really verified
And actually true
Or is it utter nonsense and
Another person’s view

Chinese whispers gone awry and
Translation lost in vain
So take care in what you circulate
Lest passing on more pain

For chinwag and innuendo are
A plague that hits us all
Not uplifting one another
But causing each to fall

With no rational or reason
No substantiated fact
Just idle tittle tattle; a
Confabulated act