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Hope Springs Eternal



Goosebumps! Oh what funny things
That prickle on the skin
And turn up when the frost bites hard
Emotions impinge in
To give the look of gaggling goose
Even a porcupine
A reflex that says “Hey! Watch out”
“I really don’t feel fine”
“So back off or just go away
Or bring in warmer air
For til that time, I will react
With bumps and erect hair!


Winter (A Haiku)

Winter’s icy grip
Clasps tightly with cold intent
Awaiting Spring’s thaw

English: Ripe crabapple covered in icy glaze d...

English: Ripe crabapple covered in icy glaze due to freezing rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




A sneeze; a human avalanche
With gusto and with might
So loud and forceful from one’s nose
It may give rise to fright

For with such great velocity
All germs are then outspread
To drive the healthiest of souls
Right back into their beds

Where further expulsions of air
From nasal passage blasts
Olfactory organ burning red
As cold sets in real fast!

Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to t...

Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to take a hankie photo cos I have a cold and sneezed! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My bones all ache; my head is hot
My mind is in a fog
With snotty nose and poorly throat
But still must walk the dog
For keep on going; will not stop
Relentless some might say
As juggling balls up in the air
Is what we do all day
And bed will just so have to wait
What am I gonna do?
For life don’t cease when I am ill
It’s what they call Mumflu!


English: British World War II motivational pos...

English: British World War II motivational poster, SVG scalable vector version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flu (Haiku)

Aching arms and legs
Temperature searing high
Coughing up the phlegm

Shakes and shivering
Influenza’s ghastly grasp
Sneezing – full of cold

Headache – feeling ill
Sinuses pounding tight
Time to go to bed

Jack Frost

Jack Frost has hit the headlines
In his one and only way
With icicles for fingers
Cooling dew to snow per se
With his breadth of frosty air
And his eyes so bitter cold
He’s been dancing round the yard
With an attitude that’s bold
In his wake he’s left a chill
So icy to freeze us out
So watch out and wrap up warm
As Jack Frost is all about