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A Final Blessing

Towards the everlasting Spring
Where blossom stays in bloom
And daffodils rise from the ground

Towards the sun that never sets
Where blue dispels the mist
And jubilant trumpets resound

Towards all of eternity
Where endless joy’s fulfilled
And boundless peace is always found

Towards the perfect great beyond
Where radiance shines bright
And glory’s presence all abounds

Be ever in our thoughts and heads
Our minds and memories
With mercy blessed for evermore
With love, you are set free.


Nine More Sleeps

Nine more sleeps to Christmas
Til the man in red arrives
Til Rudolf shackles up to sleigh
And prances through night skies
Til children wake up early
To see what treats await
And families share Christmas fun
A season that is great

But spare a thought for others
Who find this time of year
Brings trials and tribulations
And doesn’t spread much cheer
For those who will be struggling
Who have a heavy heart
And take the time to think of them
With peace and love impart

Ode to My Duvet

Dear Duvet

What testament do you have
What witness statement
Could you share
Throughout the years
Of service when
You loyally have been there?

To comfort and protect
Providing a layer of warmth
Against the cold
Striking out against
The perils that the
Nights may just behold

Giving succour and assistance
Without knowledge or
Even strength
But unconditional heartfelt
Care and love
To go the full whole length

Providing a haven of sweet comfort
And a security blanket from
The wilderness
Against the trials of life
That invade
And try so hard not to bless

And dear Duvet

How many pages have you seen me write
How many books
Have we read
How many webpages have
We digested
While lying on my bed

How many films have we watched
How many documentaries
Have we seen
How many times have we cried together
At the raw face
Of humanity on the screen

How many meals have we eaten
How many drinks
Have been drunk
How many times have we snuggled up
Swearing not to see
The rotten ‘Skunk’

That ‘Skunk’ that I loved so much
That loved me
So he said
But dearest duvet, loyal friend
You remain
The best in bed!

For My Darling Duvet

You have been here from the start
And doubtless will be here
To the end
You held me when I was poorly
And my heart
You tried to mend

You saw my children born
You watched them
Grow and play
And endured their
Nightime wanderings
When they rose
Too early for the day

You’ve endured and seen so much of life
The ups and downs
The spectral rays
But never once have you complained
Or succumbed
To strike by night or day

The cat and dog adore you
You’re a blessing
That is true
For dearest Darling Duvet
From my heart –
Gratitude and love to you.